Fretless Banjo | Features And Types

A banjo is a music instrument used in ancient times and still used all over the world in different countries, after being so much old it is still used and people enjoy listening to its music. A banjo is a home made music instrument easy to make and most of the companies are also manufacturing it, its music is very attractive and relaxing. Banjo is one of the most famous and old music instruments. There are different types of banjos like fretless banjo, 4 string banjo, 5 string banjo, electronic banjo and simple banjo. Fretless banjo is the most commonly used banjo for playing a good music.

Fretless banjo is very easy to operate and produces a relaxing music; fretless banjo is very simple and does not require any rocket science in playing it. This banjo is available in every musical store and can easily be purchased because of its low cost. When you have a fretless banjo, it is different from playing any other banjos; just place your fingers on the proper place.

If you’ve done this before you may face some difficulties playing it and creating the perfect tones, but with a little hard work, and certain tricks, you will be able to make the fretless banjo do wonders. Buy finger picks one for thumb, index finger and one for middle finger will be sufficient, also purchase a beginner’s banjo book of chords from any music store or use the internet to learn playing banjo.

You can also practice a new chord or two each week on fretless banjo. As you work on chords pick the strings of each chord individually using your thumb on the lower string and picking the higher strings with your index and middle fingers. The D, C and G chords are the most important and often used chords playing banjo. If you played fretted banjo before and do not know how to play a fretless banjo, you just pretend that the frets are there and play like you always do.

You must understand carefully and adjust your fingers on the finger board of the fretless banjo to make the loveliest sound. You will be sure be surprised how easily you made the adjustment. Now place a tape at the top part of the banjo, where the neck is, so that you can find it when playing. To get the location of the fifth fret, use the tape to mark near the fifth string on the fret. And then, use the same technique to mark the other three frets, the second, the seventh and the ninth. All these tapes will let you remember the frets location easier, and you can enjoy the fretless banjo.

Fretless banjo seems to have more popularity than the other banjos because of its easy to play tricks and for creating beautiful sounds. This banjo looks very simple and beautiful you can make it by yourself at home. Different companies are selling this banjo with new designs and attractive looks.

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